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Welcome to Seido Karate India 🥋

Seido Karate was founded in order to offer individuals from all walks of life a way to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits.

This video provides an overview of training in Seido-Juku: basic techniques, kata, kumite (sparring) and meditation. Together, these elements help our students fulfill their potential.

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About Us

The World Seido Karate Organisation was founded in the year 1976 by world renowned Grand Master, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, a ninth dan (degree) black belt.

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art with two goals: to maximize students’ physical skills and to cultivate high moral character.

Unlike many martial arts schools, Seido aims to connect its students with the origins of karate and the “non-quitting” bushido spirit of the samurai. This is achieved through the integration of Zen meditation into every student’s practice. 

The Seido philosophy is based around three core concepts: respect, love, and obedience and is rooted in centuries of Japanese martial arts tradition and philosophies.  

Grand Master Tadashi Nakamura

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Why choose us?

Seido Karate was founded in order to offer individuals from all walks of life a way to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Here is what makes Seido Karate different from the other forms of martial arts:  

Supportive Environment

No prior martial arts experience

Meditation is integral part

Safe & effective programs

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Train from the experts

Learn and train from experts who have been around and bring in 35+ years of experience.

Traditional training made accessible to all

Jun Shihan Hardeep Singh

6th Degree Black Belt

Senpai Chitranjan

3rd Degree Black Belt

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1. Is training in Karate Dangerous?

Absolutely Not. The training methods used in Seido Karate involve more of free hand exercises taught and done independently. All other Traditional exercises are taught under the expert supervision of Jun Shihan Hardeep, Senpai Chitranjan and their Black belt students.

2. Is Karate only about learning how to fight? What are the other advantages of Karate?

3. I am too old. Can I still learn Karate? What is the right age to start?

4. I smoke and drink. How can I do Karate?

5. What does one wear for this kind of training?

6. Do I have to change my diet?

7. How do you deal with: Weight, Obesity, Arthritis, back problems, shoulder displacement, slip discs etc?

8. How regularly should I attend classes in a week?

9. What if I miss classes?

 10. Do you teach self-defense to women?

11. Do you teach street self-defense?

12. Does karate make a person violent?

13. What about fighting classes? Aren’t they dangerous?

14. What is the significance of different colour belts?

15. What is the difference between Seido Karate and other styles?

 16. Do you train in traditional weapons?