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Welcome to Seido Karate India 🥋

Seido Karate was founded in order to offer individuals from all walks of life a way to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits.

This video provides an overview of training in Seido-Juku: basic techniques, kata, kumite (sparring) and meditation. Together, these elements help our students fulfill their potential.

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About Us

The World Seido Karate Organisation was founded in the year 1976 by world renowned Grand Master, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, a ninth dan (degree) black belt.

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art with two goals: to maximize students’ physical skills and to cultivate high moral character.

Unlike many martial arts schools, Seido aims to connect its students with the origins of karate and the “non-quitting” bushido spirit of the samurai. This is achieved through the integration of Zen meditation into every student’s practice. 

The Seido philosophy is based around three core concepts: respect, love, and obedience and is rooted in centuries of Japanese martial arts tradition and philosophies.  

Grand Master Tadashi Nakamura

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Why choose us?

Seido Karate was founded in order to offer individuals from all walks of life a way to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Here is what makes Seido Karate different from the other forms of martial arts:  

Supportive Environment

No prior martial arts experience

Meditation is integral part

Safe & effective programs

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Train from the experts

Learn and train from experts who have been around and bring in 35+ years of experience.

Traditional training made accessible to all

Jun Shihan Hardeep Singh

6th Degree Black Belt

Senpai Chitranjan

3rd Degree Black Belt

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1. Is training in Karate Dangerous?

Absolutely Not. The training methods used in Seido Karate involve more of free hand exercises taught and done independently. All other Traditional exercises are taught under the expert supervision of Jun Shihan Hardeep, Senpai Chitranjan and their Black belt students.

Karate is an over-all programme for the mind, body and soul. Through the physical training as one’s body becomes strong, one’s breathing patterns stabalise which has a calming effect on the mind and a stabalising effect on one’s general health. School going children benefit a lot as their retention and grasping abilities increase manifold. Through Zen Meditation, which is an integral part of training in Seido Karate, one’s ability to have an insight has a life altering effect in all. High Levels of Confidence, self-control, concentration and the ability to fight stress all come in naturally with training and keep on increasing. This makes Students of Seido Karate examples of healthy and respectable living in today’s world.

Karate is for everybody. For all age groups and for anyone who is interested. For People with limited capacities, due to age or any other reasons, all necessary care is taken to not push them to uncomfortable limits. And any person of any age group can start at any stage of life. We have many examples in our school to inspire people who don’t believe this. Kids are enrolled at an age of 3 or above.

Once a student gets into the regular regime of training in Karate, smoking etc. take a back seat. As one’s metabolism and blood circulation improve, the feel good factor goes up. So does one’s awareness and appreciation for healthy habits. So after some time, it really doesn’t matter if one indulges in any such thing.

We provide a traditional uniform, which is compulsory and comfortable to wear. It’s a two-piece uniform with a belt, which is common for men and women Instructions are given personally on how to maintain it.

A wholesome diet is always encouraged. Senpai Hardeep and his senior students always take a personal interest in suggesting healthy eating to all students, specially growing kids. With more training, one’s diet stabilizes at a healthy level. So normally, no changes are required in most cases.

Being over-weight can be a consequence of hormonal imbalance or stress. Arthritis has its own typical reasons and can place many limitations on a person. For that matter, slip discs, sensitive knees, displaced shoulders etc can limit a person’s ability to exercise. For anybody with any such problem, a special training programme is chalked out. We take Guidance from our Grandmaster Kaicho Nakamura and he prescribes exercises and training methods keeping in mind a person’s limitations. Only over a period of time, as a person responds, more exercises are added and some phenomenal results of recovery have been seen.

Students are encouraged to attend classes atleast three to four times in a week depending on their schedules and other commitments. Adequate rest is also important between training sessions. In this way, one can optimize training and learning becomes a constant process keeping a student physically and mentally fit.

Adequate lessons are provided where syllabus for all levels is repeated time and again, every week. So missing classes due to work or exams is never a problem. We just follow a system of keeping our Instructor informed which makes catching up on classes easy. So whenever one returns to training, a review of the missed syllabus is always conducted.

In today’s world, many women are taking interest in Karate. Because very effective and practical self defense techniques are taught as a part of daily routine, which come in handy to women against Harsh and Unruly people. Specially, college going girls and working women. Many special classes and lectures are conducted by Seido Teachers the world over to cover the practical aspect of self-defense, specially for women.

Yes. Very carefully and methodically, every student is taught this aspect of Karate. The Syllabus at every level covers all techniques of self-defense. Unarmed Combat is made second nature to our students and they’re taught how to deal with every possible street situation.

No. Never. Training in Karate has a calming effect on one’s mind and complete self control always comes in handy. Eventually, with more training and meditation, students get a spiritual insight to the real meaning of life. They get Physically, mentally and emotionally strong and highly disciplined.

Controlled and semi-contact Sparring is taught to students who are graded upto green belt and above. Which means more than a year’s training on how to develop complete self-control and using correct techniques. Only then are they allowed to spar under Senpai Hardeep’s supervision with all protective gear for all parts of the body. No impacts are permitted and hence no injuries ever. Hence no danger to anyone, ever.

Every Student is taken through a scientific stage-by-stage exposure to the complex theory of traditional Karate. Once a student shows understanding and proficiency in what he’s taught, he’s taken to a new level, which has a new syllabus. This upgradation is done by awarding a different colour belt.

Seido Karate is different from other styles in the way it is taught. Training in Seido is based on the beliefs and principals of its founder and Grandmaster, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Based on the morals of Respect, Love and Obedience training in this art strives at improving a person’s over-all perspective of life and making highly disciplined and self realized individuals. This art is for everybody. People with different backgrounds, religions and from all walks of life, with different physical and mental capacities meet here for one common purpose.

Yes we do. But using traditional Karate weapons are taught only to black belt students. Because it is believed that it takes that much time and training to be able to handle this kind of specialized training. Weapons include: Bo (long stick), Jo (short stick), Sai (Short sword), Tomfa (wooden baton) etc.