The Dojo:
The word ‘Dojo’ is a Japanese word that translated into English means classroom or training place. In Karate a Dojo has its sanctity and a special significance as a place for reverence for the art of Karate.
Our Dojo is housed in Arya Samaj Mandir complex in GK I, New Delhi. It has a very convenient location, right opposite South Delhi Club and behind the popular M-block market.

Senpai Hardeep Singh established this branch in the year 2000. Senpai Hardeep Singh is a third dan (degree) black belt.
Having trained directly under Kaicho, and with over 22 years of association with Seido Karate, he represents everything that Kaicho preaches and practices. In this Senpai Shaurya, Senpai Rajesh, Senpai Varun, Senpai Chit Ranjan and Senpai Arvind assist him. All of who are black belts with the added distinction of having earned this grade from this very dojo. Senpai Shaurya has also trained directly under Kaicho.

The Dojo itself has a very serene atmosphere. It consists of a spacious hall, which can easily accommodate all the karateka’s (Karate students) and also separate changing rooms for men and women.
Besides the Training hall, the Dojo also has a huge open ground in front that is also utilized for open-air training and conditioning.
All the equipment and training manuals etc are kept in the Dojo and students are encouraged to use them and ask for them.

Do visit our Dojo and see one of our classes – we promise, it’s an experience that you will not forget!