Super Seido Kids:

One the most flourishing section of our Seido karate dojo is the kid’s hour. Ranging from our youngest member who is four to the oldest who is fourteen years old, the kid’s section is most challenging and enriching for both trainers and trained. Training future karate students is an integral part of our dojo. Karate training is a combination of fun and practice, an hour all the kids look forward to.


Yet karate is not just a fun activity and sport for all the kids in our dojo but is also all round training. Physical training and self-defense is combined with mental instruction and education which helps prepare the young ones for life. It is well acknowledged that childhood is right time to lay the foundation for qualities like responsibility, discipline and sociability.

Seido karate kids are a part of this training through discipline and practice. It is also a place that has fostered long lasting friendships and learning. Based on three principles of Love, Respect and Obedience, Seido aids the holistic growth of children who start early in life. The benefits of such practical training are incomparable to any other sport.

Under the instruction of Senpai Hardeep, who is compassionate, understanding and an excellent teacher, the young karate pursuer are in very good hands. Senpai is often helped by senior black and brown belts, who drop in to train the young senpais with highest perfection and greatest care. The variety of experience with different trainers help young children to soon adapt to the dojo. Infact it is this close-knit community and personal attention that makes the karate hour a loved and cherished time for all the kids who come here.
Our Seido karate dojo boasts of the three junior black belts it has produced. Senpai Shubhangi, Senpai Pahuni and Senpai Vishal are an integral part of our dojo and these young achievers lend constant support and encouragement to all the aspiring kids.